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The online store is live! Buy local

The BMP store is finally online.   Selling cds made in the studio at festivals over recent years has been so much fun.  Sharing the fruit of the labor of my artists/friends and myself with the rest of our musical world has been quite a rush.   After starting with the cds, the strings, tuners and other accessories that I kept in stock in the studio to keep sessions running were added to the sales catalog for festivals.   I’ve continued to expand the inventory of cds and accessories so the next obvious step is to let my social media world in on my little secret.  So that is how the idea of the estore started and we’ve made it to the first milestone – go live with my Strings & Things estore on the BeARcade Music website.

Here’s your chance to get cds that were made right in the studio, great microphones from Peluso Microphone Labs and lots of strings and accessories from D’Addario, Planet Waves and the really cool Aquila Nylgut strings for that real old-time sound. The store is still a work in progress as I’m posting new products as I go.   Check it out – any profit gets plowed back into studio and live sound gear so everybody gains from your purchase. Thanks for supporting local music.

This is still a crude work-in-progress so please bear with me as we complete the construction of the store site.  Feel free to browse through it and I’m open to ideas and suggestions for additions, improvements, etc.  You too can have a hand in building a stronger foundation for the studio and live sound activities here at BeARcade Music Productions.  I’ve said for a long time – “No one of us is as smart as all of us”  –  so jump on, take a ride and lets make more music together!!


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Dwight Diller and Terry Richardson cd and dvd

We recently recorded Dwight Diller playing old-time banjo and fiddle tunes with his favorite guitar player, Terry Richardson.  This all happened in the studio and besides the great audio we captured high-def video as well.  This material, along with a recent book about Dwight, and several restored field recordings from the ’70s are all available through the kick starter campaign – Dwight Diller plays Diller .


Check it out and stop back here soon for more details.

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Happenings in the studio!!

The recording studio is working hard these days.  Recent activities include two new upcoming cd releases, one from my band, The Highlander Sting Band and a new release from Bob Driver – his second cd project here at the studio.  Each of these projects has made great use of our collection of Peluso mics as well as the Grace and Chandler preamps.

Trudy Cole and Bob Driver came by the studio to add a duet to the collection of tunes that Bob and I have been recording for his second cd with us here at BeARcade Music Productions. They recorded a wonderful version of “How Can You Have The Blues”



The latest  addition to the control room will be a Switchcraft patch bay – hand assemled/soldered by yours truly and Dan Easley.  There are close to 1000 solder joints in all of the wires into and out of the 96 channels of connectivity.  We’ve nearly finished the first patch bay and are already considering doing a second one.  Every input in the studio will be able to quickly connect to any output in the studio giving us great flexibility to use all of our great equipment.

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Don’t Take A Daisy Down The Mine

I had the great pleasure of talking with Alex Caton at a recent show at The Southern.  She told me about the project she is working on that combines her antropology background with her love of family and music.  Check out the info below and please consider supporting her kickstarter campaign to get this wonderful project off and running.

Thanks for reading and considering this!


Local old time musician Alex Caton has a new music project, Never Take A Daisy Down the Mine, that she would like to share with folks. It’s a selection of songs, poems and tunes from North Staffordshire, England to the Southern United States. Collected by family members in England and set to the sounds of Appalachian music traditions.  These pieces honor Alex Caton’s personal family history as well as the vanishing miners and communities who inspired the music.

Alex recently launched a Kickstarter page to raise funds to make the album and would be so grateful for folks to check out the site, see the fabulous video that a musician/ documentary film maker friend made (where you can also see and hear our very own Dick Harrington sing!), and consider donating to make this album.  There are great incentives and gifts for every pledge level.  Alex will donate finished copies of the CD  to the Apedale Heritage Centre in England (where Alex’s family worked as miners and now as volunteers for the museum), so they can raise funds for their own organization.  We have only until April 17th left to meet our Kickstarter goal.  See link below or just go to and search for Alex Caton.

Many thanks!


Here’s also a link to the Apedale Heritage Centre in England and their press about the album.

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Mic Shootout!! What do they really sound like

BeARcade Music Productions, in conjunction with Blue Sprocket Sound, are showing off some of the finest microphones in the Shenandoah Valley.  We’ll be doing blind sound tests with a range of microphones from our best large diaphragm condensers, small diaphragm condensers, ribbons and some trusty dynamic mics as well.  Join in on the discussion of why the question – “What is the right microphone” – has many answers and they all start with – “It depends on…….”  Join Chris Jackson, Gene Bowlen and a few guest experts and we talk about what makes mics work and why the differences allow us to pick the “right” mic for the situation.


The event kicks off at 7:00 PM on Friday, February 06 at the Blue Sprocket Sound studio in Harrisonburg.  A limited amount of tickets are available so reserve yours by registering at the eventbrite link below.W-2247LE_Mount_1000H

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Mastering the Studio Control Room

Upgrade!!!!     Upgrade!!!!   GOOD sound is moving to GREAT sound!! 


The control room at the BeARcade Music Productions (BMP) studio facility is being taken over by MediaRoom Technologies (MRT). Bruce Black, and his team, are assisting us in designing modifications for the control room space to bring the sound quality up to world-class specifications. The space is already great for mixing tracks and we are shooting to tame the room to the point that high quality mastering can also happen there. Check out Bruce’s webpage to learn more about them and check out the BMP page to learn more about who we are and what we can do for you.

See the excerpt from the latest MRT newsletter:

BeARcade Music of Port Republic, VA, performs, promotes, and records acoustic music. They’ve asked us to create an acoustical design for their control room, which we’ve just started. Their facility was built with beautiful post and beam construction that reflects their rural setting and focuses on the organic nature of their music. Like the mix room we designed for Vox Mundi in Sao Paulo, Brazil, we’ll do this project entirely by “remote control”, using the internet to send and receive pictures, plans, and everything else needed.

We’ll keep you posted on progress as these changes will also allow us to locate the mixing board and accessories and we’ll design and build the workstation area in the shop downstairs to permanently house all of the equipment. The changes should be complete before the end of summer!

Recent House Concert Photos

The Buck Stops Here
The Buck Stops Here
Mostly Mountain Boys
Mostly Mountain Boys
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15 Seconds of Fame

I just returned from the 2014 Blue Ridge Old Time week at Mars Hill.  It was another fabulous learning experience.  Five days of intense sessions with Adam Hurt – he spent all 5 days teaching us concepts rather than tunes so we can go off and apply this stuff to our own tunes and in our own way.  Lots of tune arrangement techniques so you can mold a tune to fit your playing.  I also took two mini classes in the afternoon with Pete Peterson (Charlie Poole finger-style banjo) and Kellie Allen (Beginning Bass).  I hope to work on both of these in the coming months.


I also provided sound for all of the faculty concerts a dance and the Friday night Student showcase.  It is so great working with 12 or 15 of your old-time heros to put on a concert each evening.  Many thanks to all of the players for working with me and my partner Art Bryan to produce good sound quality in a lecture hall!!  (not easy but we get better at it each year).  Art and I participated in the student showcase as you can see in the video. 15 Seconds of Fame   I hope to post the entire video once I get the transfer of the file from good friend Ron Fuerst.


The photo is a picture of my P-12 large diaphragm mic from Peluso – on of several high-end mics that we use in the studio from John Peluso’s workshop in Floyd, VA.

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Field Recorders Collective

I’m busy recovering old-time music from Burl, Maggie and Sherman Hammons.  How did this happen??   I’m now on the technical staff of the Field Recorders Collective.  Can’t believe my good fortune to have the studios quality equipment and my skills recognized by such a fine group of fellow musicians.  I’ve been buying, listening to and learning from FRC cds for years and now to be part of team is incredibly exciting and satisfying.  This is my part of the ‘Play It Forward’ movement.  Make sure you do positive things for all that you care about.