The Highlander String Band in on the town!!

We’ll be playing the early featured set at Ruby’s Open Mic in downtown Harrisonburg at about 9:30 on Wednesday, 20-FEB.  We’re on for a short 30 minute set which will feature a bunch of our songs as well as a couple of a$$-kicking fiddle tunes.  Ruby’s is always a lot of fun because the audience is almost exclusively musicians on their own path and we are there to support each other.  Come on out on Wednesday and show Harrisonburg that Old-Time Music is alive and kicking

  • The Highlander String Band
    The Highlander String Band
    Live on The Merry-Go-Round on WPAQ in Mt Airy
  • Brent at The Earle Theater
    Brent at The Earle Theater
  • Gene at The Earle Theater
    Gene at The Earle Theater
    Gene on stage at The EarleTheater in Mount Airy, NC
  • Phyllis & Jim on WPAQ
    Phyllis & Jim on WPAQ
  • Phyllis
  • Jim
  • Merriweather by The Highlander String Band
    Merriweather by The Highlander String Band
    Our latest cd

New Concert Series kicks off

We are excited to start a new concert series in the Shenandoah Valley – Concerts In The Valley!  The shows will be primarily acoustic roots music and will happen in several venues throughout the central Shenandoah Valley.  Our first show features Gaye Adegbalola and the Wild Rutz.  They will be at Court Square Theater on 27-SEP.  The show starts at 2:30 PM with the doors open at 2:00 PM.  Tickets are $12 in advance and $15 day of show.  They are available at the Court Square Theater box office and online

The group features Gaye, a founding member of Saffire – The Uppity Blues Women, backed by Gloria Jackson, Marta Fuentes and Tanyah Cotton.  We hosted them in August at the Crossroads Music and Food Festival and they rocked the place.  The crowd was up and dancing and having a great time.  The woman features Gaye’s award-winning songwriting, beautiful four-part harmonies and lots of percussion.  You will be moving at this show!gaye_wildrutz_poster_hbgforweb

New Location For The House Concerts

“Concerts With A View” has become a great success thanks to all of you and your support has been very much appreciated. It is with deep regret that I announce that that success has led to the realization that my private studio can not adequately support that level of success. Fortunately my good friends at Blue Sprocket Sound in Harrisonburg have agreed to host the series going forward in their great sounding live room on S Main St in Harrisonburg. Their location has all of the commercial advantages of ease of access and adequate parking that my rural location lacks.

I will continue to work with Alan Stiles from the Blue Sprocket staff as we go forward. We will transfer as many of the currently scheduled artists as possible to the new location. Due to all of the uncertainty involved in making the transition there will not be a concert in March. I will also provide updates on the shows as they come up on the schedule.

If you have specific questions feel free to contact either Alan (address in To: line) or myself.  Our goal here is to keep great music available in pristine listening conditions.

Thank you all for your support,

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Don't buy used cars from these guys!!  John Schwab, Marck Campbell and Mac Traynham
Don’t buy used cars from these guys!! John Schwab, Marck Campbell and Mac Traynham

Very exciting Saturday coming up in the studio live room.  The Sunny Mountain Serenanders are moving in for a day of workshops and a house concert Saturday evening (28-FEB).  The Serenaders combine the musical talents of Mark Campbell on fiddle, Mac Traynham on banjo and John Schwab on guitar.  They recently joined up to make a power-packed trio of award winning old-time musicians.  They are also teachers and have literally written the book in John’s case with his treatise on playing back-up guitar in the style of the early recording musicians.  Each of them is leading a workshop focusing on their techniques and approach to recreating that early old-time style.  The workshops conclude with a jam of all three classes to practice some newly discovered skills and to have a good time.

I’ve known these guys for years and am thrilled to host them at the studio.  See the events page for all of the details for the concert and the workshops.

The doors open at 7:00PM and the show starts at 7:30PM.  Contact to reserve your seats.

Mic Shootout!! What do they really sound like

BeARcade Music Productions, in conjunction with Blue Sprocket Sound, are showing off some of the finest microphones in the Shenandoah Valley.  We’ll be doing blind sound tests with a range of microphones from our best large diaphragm condensers, small diaphragm condensers, ribbons and some trusty dynamic mics as well.  Join in on the discussion of why the question – “What is the right microphone” – has many answers and they all start with – “It depends on…….”  Join Chris Jackson, Gene Bowlen and a few guest experts and we talk about what makes mics work and why the differences allow us to pick the “right” mic for the situation.


The event kicks off at 7:00 PM on Friday, February 06 at the Blue Sprocket Sound studio in Harrisonburg.  A limited amount of tickets are available so reserve yours by registering at the eventbrite link below.W-2247LE_Mount_1000H